We will help you implement
the following forms of sales support programmes:

Incentive Programmes

For external sales networks (sales representatives of your commercial partners, dealers, brokers, resellers and independent agents).


For consumers who buy and recommend products and services of your brand.

B2B Loyalty Programmes

For business partners selling your products.

Sales Support Programmes are operated through the smartCard on-line application which enables:

  • On-line access to point balances
  • Commissioning the exchange of points for charging a pre-paid card
  • Adding more than 1 pre-paid card to 1 user account
  • Preview of balances on cards
  • Preview of point transaction history
  • Access to the “Help” department

As part of the implementation of a sales support programme,
you are offered:

Sales Support Programmes are usually addressed to:

  • Independent consultants / representatives / brand ambassadors
  • Agents / Natural Persons Performing Agency Activities (OWFCA)
  • Sellers in shops / showrooms / markets
  • End customers

Sales Support Programmes are a solution for:

Direct Sales and MLM

Reward independent consultants with cash prizes as part of point programmes.

Insurance Companies

Motivate agents and Natural Persons Performing Agency Activities (OFWCA) by organising periodic contests.


Involve agents in common sales actions promoting services of your suppliers.

Chains / Supermarkets

Create an official management channel of sales support programmes addressed to the employees of your shops.

Dealers / Brokers / Resellers

Improve sales results of your employees, reduce seasonality and deliver sales targets of producers.


Promote your products by motivating sellers working for your dealers / distributors / resellers.

Are you interested in implementing a sales support programme?

We will develop a concept and implement solutions which will help you
carry out and settle a partner programme addressed to any target group.