Referrals are one of the most successful and most cost-effective marketing activities.
However, their potential is still rarely used due to limited availability
of ready tools to implement them.

Why is it worth implementing a partner programme
in your organisation?

You pay only for the effect

The cost model of partner programme organisation is based largely on the payment only for the effect (e.g. sales/order), which makes it a very safe investment and a marketing activity which is predictable in terms of costs and margin.

Transparent settlements

Due to the fact that partner programmes are based on the CPS (Cost-per-Sale) model, they can be settled with high accuracy – you will easily calculate ROI and prepare a budget simulation against programme assumptions vs sales targets.

Permanent value instead of one-time action

A partner programme is not a one-time action – the idea of such a program consists in building a society of ambassadors around a given brand and establishing relationships with them which allow for:

  1. Issuing opinions about your products and services at a very early stage of marketing them
  2. Forming a completely new sales channel
  3. Acquiring a group of very loyal customers
  4. Reaching friends of the participants of your partner programme with communication without incurring any costs

In line with social trends

Contemporary consumer spends more and more time on-line, in particular being active in social media. Tools used for organisation of partner programmes are integrated with social media tools, thanks to which it is possible to reach a wide group of recipients.

High conversion

In the times of information noise and decreasing trust in communication in traditional media, referrals provided by friends are an important factor which has a significant influence on purchasing decisions.

Do you know that …?

Customers are 4 times more likely to make a purchase when referred by a friend and 92% of people trust recommendations of friends.

Focus Point offers knowledge, experience and tools which will help you successfully implement a partner programme enriched with gamification elements which will be outstanding on the market.


Comprehensiveness of implementation – from legal resources thought IT tools and commission settlements to actual distribution of cash prizes for referrals

Gamification elements – our partner programmes combine elements aimed at increasing involvement of their participants thanks to the so-called gamification

Custom-made bonuses – we go beyond the typical percentage for referrals. Our knowledge gained on the basis of numerous implementation projects allows us to suggest interesting and motivating bonuses which are unprecedented on the market

Flexibility of tools – thanks to our own technology, we are able to adjust even to the most unusual requirements

As part of the implementation of a sales support programme,
you are offered:

Are you interested in implementing
a partner programme?

We will develop a concept and implement solutions which will help you
carry out and settle a partner programme addressed to any target group.